Scottsdale is a town in the north-east of Tasmania. It lies on the Tasman Highway, around 63km north-east of Launceston and 22km south-east of the coastal town of Bridport. It is in the Dorset Region of North Eastern Tasmania.

Scottsdale is the largest town between Launceston and Tasmania’s East Coast and has a rich agricultural and forestry history. Surrounded by green fields and blue mountains, its fertile soil and mild climate are ideal for farming.

There are a number of heritage buildings in Scottsdale. Of particular interest is Anabel’s of Scottsdale, located in King Street in the heart of Scottsdale. Built in the 1890s, this National Trust Building is now a restaurant with accommodation and outstanding gardens. In spring, the garden is full of wisteria, rhododendrons and camellias in full bloom.

Also in King St is St Barnabas Church, a small attractive building, and the Old Post Office, built in the 1880s and now the town’s folk museum.

Nearby at Nabowla, 15km west of Scottsdale, is the world famous Bridestowe Estate Lavender Farm. The farm produces the finest quality lavender flowers and lavender oil and around December and January the rolling hills of lavender fields are a spectacular sight.

Scottsdale consists of a web of streets around two major avenues, King Street (Tasman Highway) and George Street/Tasman Highway or “Ringarooma Road” (Bridport Road). The main shopping area is located around King Street and Victoria Street.

The high point of the town is located in Mary Street where there is a large water storage tank.

Ellesmere is the original Scottsdale where the first settlement was built, located now on the northern outskirts of the town.

Public facilities in the town include an outdoor swimming pool, sports stadium, golf course, public library (including an online access centre), primary school and high school.

Northeast Park is a popular facility in the town, and provides seven days free camping, barbecues and coin-operated hot showers for those passing through the region. Northeast Park has had recent upgrades, with community support helping to improve the park.

Public Transport in the region is serviced by RD & FH Sainty North East Bus Service. The service runs several times per day delivering passengers and freight to local businesses. Also there is an early service primarily for students studying in Launceston leaving at 7:10 am and returning at 5:20 pm every school day.

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