Prairie Hotel

The Prairie Hotel is a free/donation appreciated campsite located on the Flinders Highway (Savage Street) in the small town of Prairie about 43km east of Hughenden in the Flinders Region of North West Queensland.

The hotel is an authentic Aussie hotel providing a free overnight campsite on its grounds and is a must-see for its collection of stockmen’s hats and other memorabilia from the local area.

There is no fee to camp at the Prairie Hotel, but there is a donation box on the fence and they appreciate it if you spend money at the hotel either to buy a drink or have a meal if they are on offer. Vehicles must be self contained as there are very few facilities here. Please see the publican when you arrive so that he can let you know where to park. If the pub isn’t open when you arrive just give them a ring and someone will come to open the gate.

There are public toilets at Windmill Park which is about 200m from the pub.

There is some mobile phone service here, but it will depend on your carrier.
Dogs are welcome at this campsite but please be responsible!

Prairie Hotel at a glance


  • Dogs Allowed
  • Must Be Self Contained


  • Grassy Areas


  • 2WD Accessible
  • Close to Road


  • Caravan
  • Motor Home
  • Non‑Powered Sites


  • Mobile Phone Signal
  • Restaurant/Cafe
  • Rubbish Bins
  • Water Available (Non‑Drinkable)