John Channon Park

John Channon Park is a free shorterm campsite located 1.5km west of Grenfell on the Mid Western Highway in the Weddin Region of Central West New South Wales.

The area is pleasant and tidy but can be noisy due to it’s closeness to the road. There is not a lot of room here, so wouldn’t be suitable for larger rigs.

John Channon Park has a circular layout with a gravel parking area and grassy areas to picnic on and plenty of trees for shade. Water is available but you will need a special tap attachment available from hardwares to access and it may not be suitable for drinking.

There is some mobile phone service here, but it will depend on your carrier.
Dogs are welcome at this campsite but please be responsible!

The maximum time limit for staying here is less than 24 hours.
*Please obey any signs at the site regarding length of stays.

Please Note:
The maximum permissible stay in a rest area is not specified as motorist’s needs are different, with varying levels of fatigue, at varying times of night and day. Some may need to stop for a few hours until they are ready to continue their journey safely.
Rest areas are not designed to be camping grounds or caravan parks.
Using rest areas for multiple overnight stays as part of a planned itinerary is not in keeping with their intended purpose and reduces the availability of space for motorists needing a break before continuing on their journey.
Those needing facilities for an extended stay are encouraged to look for camping areas or caravan parks in towns along the way. (source:

John Channon Park at a glance


  • Dogs Allowed
  • Time Limits Apply


  • Scenic Outlook


  • 2WD Accessible
  • Close to Road


  • Caravan
  • Motor Home
  • Non‑Powered Sites


  • Barbeque
  • Sheltered Picnic Tables
  • Toilets
  • Water Available (Non‑Drinkable)