Ceratodus Rest Area

The Ceratodus Rest Area is located on the western side of the Burnett Highway on the northern bank of the Burnett River, approximately 11 km north of Eidsvold. There are a number of mature trees mainly on the perimeter on the otherwise cleared grassed area with access from the highway via a bitumen ring road.

This pleasant flat grassy circular rest area offers easy access and plenty of room to park. The facilities at the rest area include, covered picnic tables, free Barbecue that is well maintained, flushing toilets and a water tank but a sign says that the water is not suitable for drinking. Rubbish bins are also provided and dogs are welcome too. The sites are suitable for all sized caravans and motorhomes and there is a maximum stay of 24 hours. This is a popular area and fills up of an afternoon.

In the centre of the rest area is a partially enclosed hexagonal timber structure with corrugated iron roof, containing interpretative displays, two tourist information signs and a small open picnic shelter. Situated on the south-eastern side of the ring road is the former Ceratodus Railway Station, a lowset timber structure on concrete base with a corrugated iron clad hipped roof. The building, separated from the road by a fence featuring capped timber posts connected by railway paraphernalia, includes a waiting area and an enclosed ticket and station masters office. (source: old.northburnett.qld.gov.au)

There is some mobile phone service here, but it will depend on your carrier.
Dogs are welcome at this campsite but please be responsible!

The maximum time limit for staying here is 20 hours.
*Please obey any signs at the site regarding length of stays.

Please Note:
Rest areas are there for you to stop and rest, making your trip safer and more enjoyable. Rest areas are not long-term camping sites, however motorists are able to take extended rest breaks at some sites. Rules on the length of stay at rest areas vary between controlling authorities. Check with the authority responsible for the relevant rest area for more information. Heavy vehicle rest areas are only for heavy vehicles. This does not include caravans and motorhomes, they are for truck drivers only. (source: www.tmr.qld.gov.au)

Ceratodus Rest Area

Ceratodus Rest Area at a glance


  • Dogs Allowed
  • Time Limits Apply


  • Grassy Areas
  • Scenic Outlook
  • Shady Areas


  • 2WD Accessible
  • Close to Road
  • Suitable for Big Rigs


  • Camper Trailer
  • Caravan
  • Non‑Powered Sites


  • Barbeque
  • Mobile Phone Signal
  • Picnic Tables
  • Rubbish Bins
  • Toilets
  • Water Available (Non‑Drinkable)