Bloodwood Ridge Rest Area

Located 8km south of Kempsey on the northbound side of the Pacific Highway, Bloodwood Ridge Rest Area is a free overnight campsite that is only accessible to northbound traffic.

*It is no longer clear if this rest area can be used for overnight stays. Please obey any signs at the site regarding length of stays.

This rest area is shared with trucks and is right beside the highway so can be noisy at times. There are no parking bays, you just pull over to the side of bitumen drive through and there is very little shade.

There is some mobile phone service here, but it will depend on your carrier.
Dogs are welcome at this campsite but please be responsible!
The maximum time limit for staying here is 24 hours.

Facilities at Bloodwood Ridge Rest Area include:

  • Toilets
  • Disabled Access
  • Water – may not be suitable for drinking
  • Sheltered Picnic Table
  • Rubbish bins
Updated Info Coming Soon

Bloodwood Ridge Rest Area at a glance

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